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Formed in 1998, FLOP DESIGN is a design team from Gunma/Japan, has been working on printed media, web design and editorial designs, logo designs, Font, Writing etc. please email
Graphic design Office
President:Kato masashi(male)
1973 origin. The Kanazawa College of Arts industrial design course graduation. After the working establishing the design office as an enterprise designer. Book "FONT MANIA" "PATTERN MANIA" "MY HOMEPAGE STYLE" "ICON MANIA" and so on there is a large number. "FLO P DESIGN" sincerity including the design of graphic design and the web site etc., has produced.
Telephone number: +81(0)27-321-8201
FAX: Number +81(0)027-321-8201
postal code: 370-0857
home page address http: //
E-mail address
The work which it undertakes.
printed media, web design,editorial designs, logo designs,mark, cd sleeves,motion graphics, illustration character, contents production, advertising (poster,advertisement sale and promotion ones and magazine etc. all design business of paper media announcement),merchandising (stationary,T-shirt and the like all goods design business),The web & the movie by FLASH,Font production,etc.
The software which is used with work.
Illustrator8.0 - CS2, Photoshop5.5 - CS,Dreamweaver, Flash and Fireworks

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