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You are about to order fonts online. Your credit card information will be processed on the secure payment servers of PAYPAL. After your payment, the selected fonts will be emailed to you within 24 hours. All fonts are shipped via email free of charge.As for the contents of all software, both data of Macintosh (TrueType+PS1) and Windows (TrueType) make a set.

If you order fonts at FLOP you agree with the terms of use.
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COMPLETE COLLECTION. it includes those fonts that were created between 1998~2008, which adds up to more than 180 fonts (more than 110 typeface). Macintosh (TrueType+PS1) and Windows (TrueType)
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Download Now for: $40

font Picture FONT SET
All Picture font and dingbats in one package
Download Now for: $20
25 kinds of picture fonts and dingbats.
IchigoC TraficsignsWLD TraficsignJPN Nenga Kamondings2 Kamondings Breakstyle Pictdings Zoological Caredings Clickdings Funnyface seasons Pictplasma Humanbuilding Nippondings Yago Boxdings Toyokuni Consentllation Machinedings Hotsuma Folkdance Calender. Macintosh (TrueType+PS1) and Windows (TrueType)

font Funny FONT SET
Funny fonts and Cute fonts in one package
Download Now for: $20

font Cool FONT SET
Coll fonts and Future fonts in one package
Download Now for: $20

FontGraphics Font Graphics SET
New fonts and Future fonts in one package
Download Now for: $10

FontGraphics JAPAN hand writing style font
Download Now for: $38
26 kinds of l fonts. Aiko,Haruka,Syuntaro,YUKI,Ryunosuke,HAYAO,Haruka(Kyo),Kanna,Kiyoshiro,Rion. Macintosh (OpenType) and Windows (OpenType)

You enter our orderform and click on the "Add to Cart" button of the font you want to buy. Another window will appear, where you see the price of the fonts. Here you can pay for the fonts. If you have done that before, you will know that it’s safe and simple, if not you just follow the instructions at paypal.As soon as we see the entry of your money at our paypal account we will send you the fonts you ordered as .zip or .sit file via email.

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